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Statement of Candidate

Six years ago my wife and I moved our family to Poway.  We were so excited and looked forward to putting our children in the Poway School District because of its reputation at the time.  We moved specifically for the school district.  Prior to Poway, we had educated our children in a private school.  Over the last two years I noticed the standards we originally valued in the Poway School District were quickly being eroded.  We learned that the current school board was not pro parent or pro student.  Poway Unified School District was pro narrative.  I believe Covid was a catalyst to the acknowledgement that Poway standards of education were no longer the standards that had attracted so many families.  However, Covid was not the cause of the erosion.  The school board had let the standards drop due to political pressure.  I don’t believe it is the school’s place to teach our children how to be one political party or the other.  However, Poway School Board has allowed this to infiltrate our school system.


Dave Nelson, running for Poway School Board

Twenty-Five years of successfully growing businesses and developing relationships has shaped me to make a difference in the Poway School District.  Mentoring and teaching young people how to develop in business and grow their career is a passion that I will continue forever.  Success starts in the school system.  Children should learn to work hard, enjoy the day, make friends and strive for knowledge in each subject.  Poway is leaving education behind for pronouns and narratives.  Parents are fed up and now we want our seat back on the school board.  Educational programs that allow every student to learn and grow are the necessity which Poway has long left.  School systems are responsible for creating a desire for students to want more education, whether that is in a technical field or going on to a University.  Poway Schools are here to prepare students for the success they can all have in life.  


I love the Poway community.  The city in the country.  Perfect place to raise and educate your family.  I truly believe that if our school system does not make a change, then the Poway life will change.  We are educating our next generation of voters.  They must learn critical thinking and be able to execute decisions.  My experience in bringing people together in business will allow me to be a catalyst for change in the Poway Unified School District.  The teachers have the Teachers Union to look out for them, Parents and Students are supposed to have the School Board looking out for us.

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