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About Dave Nelson


Business, Kids, Life, Education - Poway Parents are working their butts off. Our school board has let them down. It is time the Poway Parents can trust PUSD School Board, again. I will work for you to ensure your child's education is first thought for every board member. PUSD has a job to educate our students.


I am Dave Nelson, the father of two girls and husband to Daiva Nelson.  I am a current and active business owner.  I have spent the last 25 years developing, growing and marketing small businesses. 


The year 2020 really opened my eyes to the decreased level of education being taught to our children. Watching over my daughters' shoulders during the online classes and finding out what they were actually learning in school forced difficult dinner table discussions with the girls.  These discussions were about resetting our daughters' belief systems back to faith, courage and respect.  


What I realized is over the last 10 - 15 years it seems most of us trusted the school systems to educate our children.  Somewhere along the way the school system has decided they were the parents of our students.  It seems the many school systems, not just ours, stopped listening to the parents and decided to actually educate against the wishes of the parents.


PUSD in 2021 closed their school board meetings to parents.  On September 9, 2021, parents wanting to be heard, were first told they could join the meeting, then told they could not, protested in front of the building.  The school board, rather than go outside to hear their constituents, decided to call the police and state there was a RIOT.  Parents of PUSD students were rioters!  I have met many PUSD parents, all that care about their students' education would never consider a riot.  They wanted to be heard by the people they elected.  Again, an example of the PUSD School Board acting to preserve themselves and not create a better environment for the Students.


I would like to be a voice for the Parents not being heard.  We parents have been taken over by mandates, CRT and Cancel Culture, which has devastating effects on our Schools and the Students' ability to learn.  I want to educate the youth and lay the groundwork for a stronger Future.  

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